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How to use Smartphone as Security camera.

Nowday’s as we are in Smartphone revolution world, Smartphone are changing daily.

When a new model of your brand is out it requires you to change (Every =one wishes to always be up-to-date), but sadly your old phone decays,sometime you keep them at your home or you resale it for just a little money.
By today let me go down and teach you how your phone is going to be more useful than ever.
The cheapest CCTV camera on Ebay ca cost around …………… , How can you feel if i let you know that your old smartphone will be working as your new CCTV camera?
I think it’s great to hear that, here is a video showing you all steps to use so you turn a smartphone into a security camera which can be monitored from anywhere.

I hope that you enjoyed the trick, Please share and spread the word to others.

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